standard table of phase of red moonwane

From: TERRA INCOGNITA <inarsus-ferilt-z_at_...>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 23:34:36 +0900

Maybe my thinking is perfectly wrong, I have questioned about connection of Moon Phases and Topology.

There is no important meaning concerning Moonphase in Glowline, but many outer provinces and protectrates keep worship of Rufelza such as Janube Three City States, Balazar and Sartar Provicial Army without Aegis of Reaching Moon Goddess Yara Aranis.

I also heard about Difference of Each Areas of Outer Regions connected with direction to Silver Shadow and Red Moon, Full Moon parallel to Wildday in Dragonpass Area (Important for Dragonpass Telmori, because they routinely shapeshift to Wolfform under compulsory for Curse of Talor in each Wildday, see about Dorastor: Land of Doom, they don't shift to Fullmoon Day.)

Table of Dragonpass Area:
Freezeday: Cresentgo Moon
Waterday: Dying Moon 
Clayday: Black Moon
Windsday: Crescentcome Moon 

Fireday: Emptyhalf Moon 
Wildday: Full Moon 
Holyday: Fullhalf Moon 

Even in Glowline, worshippers of Seven Mothers and seven Goddesses of Moon may religiously attach importance to One of Phases applied to each of their Main Idols.

I can vaguely divide seven regions surrounding Area of Lunar Empire, One of them is that of Dragonpass Area, I made dwellers of this area using one table, suited to Standard Red Moon Table as RW Greenwich.

Watch Clockwise:
("Standard Moon ")
1 Dragonpass: Center as Wintertop
2 Rist & Talastar: Dorastor is also contained vaguely in that Division. 3 Brolia: Jonartela & Three City States
4 Carmania& Rathorela
5 Eol & Thrice Blessed
6 Bluemoon Plateau & Northern Pent
7 Elf Sea & Garsting: Balazar also contained vaguely.

Please teach me about direction of Timelag of Redmoon. (If you are Babarian Enemy of Empire, you should attack them in Dying Moon or Black Moon.) If you find mistake(s) in my concept, please teach me, I will made new Table of Website from that information.

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