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>Specifically my faulty memory says he may have gone off on a heroquest
after rescuing most of the inhabitants of Whitewall and then eventually ends up in the retinue of Kallyr Starbrow ? Also does he lay claim to the Kingship of Heortland/Hendreiki (and thus must have some link to the Larnsti he can justify it with) or just the Volsaxi ?

Some of these details are covered in TR. He doesn't quite "rescue" the Whitewall residents as much as evacuate them in secret. Then Broyan and his closest household hide out atop Stormwalk Mt in a frozen hideaway. They come back to rally the Heortlings after the wind stops.
Kallyr was in HIS retinue, not vice versa. After Whitewall falls she departs to DP to raise ther evbellion (and meet your player characters.)
He is the King of Volsaxi and the High King of the Hendreiki.

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