Re: Re: The Hidden Gale storms Crescent Manor...

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 09:01:14 -0800

> > 30 troops led by a general, another very senior officer and two
> > priests seems to be a bit unbalanced to me...
> Well the Hidden Gale is at least 50 members strong (counting
> probably, and not all of them would be used against the fort), has its
> of senior officers and most notably the player heroes are members.
> it can ask for help from neighboring clans who owe it a favor. So
> is not really a problem (if ever it is). I don't know, maybe my estimate
> inconsistent with the setting. IYO then what are sensible figures?

This detail sounds like a very low commissioned officer's command - a Lieutenant (Sorry, don't know the equivalent Italian rank), or even a non-commissioned officer (sergeant or even corporal). A general would have upwards of this command as his personal bodyguard, then add in the priests' bodyguards... The imbalance isn't between the fort and the Hidden Gale, it is between the rank of the officer commanding and the number of men under his command. The General should be commanding several *thousand* men (two or more entire regiments, with detachments, auxilleries, muleteers, camp followers, etc.).


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