Re: Imperial garrisons

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 10:01:33 -0000

Martin Laurie

> Also, they would have to have more than 20 in such a place. The
> minimum garrison in any fort I can see is a
> company/syntagma/century/Eleventh/Hundredth etc. Why? Because
> they really don't garrison the rural areas at all, its all focussed
> in key points and strategic fortresses - think power projection,
> not activity subjugation.

Presumably they wold have forts to protect the roads/major lines of communication though. IIRC a lot of Roman British towns (those with Cester in the name) grew up around roadside forts. The forts allowed you to patrol the roads, and keep them safe, and provided a safe overnight resting spot. This raises an interesting point though, such lunar forts, if they exist, may well become the nuclei of new settlement in the area over time. Lunar settlers would probably cluster around such areas for safety.

True these aren't likely to be the place you want to put hoplites, Tarshite auxliaries are far more suitable.

In addition the other option is that, like Borderlands, the fort belongs to the leader of a group of lunar settlers, in which case there are going to be mercenaries rather then lunars (and yes a lot will probably be locally raised).


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