Esrolia a Story

From: Raymond McCann <ray_at_...>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 04:30:03 -0000

 Written from a limited knowledge of Esrolian culture.

Please comment on the many errors it no-doubt contains.

School Lesson
Harnec slowly entered the class on this particular morning as he had been mouthing off that when he had grown he would not accept the rulership of any damn woman. Having been impressed by the foreign adventures he had saw the evening before. Tall warriors of Sartar they were from the lands of the North. The other children had encouraged him in this as he had spotted by their teacher Baba Rini and Harnec was unpopular as he was a bully to the other boys. They now anxiously waited, their trap having been sprung.

Baba Rini rose to her full height and addressed the frightened class. For once long ago she had been a shield maiden now her imposing stature overawed the children. Those days long past and arthritis having set in she had taken on the somewhat less arduous (well slightly) task of teacher. "Children I heard a cuckoo say many foolish thing the other day. So I thought that I would tell you why the cuckoo was wrong so that you are not confused. Let us take its statement. 'I will not be ruled by any Damn Woman!' Now you may imagine why is this so foolish. Well firstly as the very statement shows the rebellious and profane nature of man. For if a woman had come to the same conclusion she would have said 'I will not subject myself to the rule of those unworthy of the task'. Thus showing that she is willing to listen to a reasoned argument as to the qualities of the candidate. Also her statement demonstrates her acknowledgement of the primary law that 'there is always another way'.

When the man makes a statement he accompanies it many violent and emphatic gestures showing his inherent instability and violent nature. As we are all aware instability leads to inaction and confusion. Whereas while the man puffs and blusters about the injustice of the situation. The women quietly come together and debate the matter at hand. Thus allowing their ruler to take the wisest course. Where we to be ruled by men they would use the Umathian law that 'Violence is always an option.' After filling the halls of the dead. They boast of their accomplishment and the woman has to point out the problem remains. Convincing a man always a difficult and arduous task. They are soon convinced however. For a man has great difficulty with reasoned argument, he gets confused. Once they are convinced that they have accomplished nothing. It is then that they ask the women for their advice on which other possibilities remain. The women would simple say we have thought on this while you were away and consider the chosen option to be the most expedient.

Let us now consider a situation in which there is not any particular problem merely some work to be done. Now to this the lazy and indolent man says, 'No one can make me do anything.' Thus no task of any importance is accomplished and a slow destitution sets in and before you know it we are all living like hill farmers. As opposed to the ordered and just society that we all enjoy hear in Esrolia. Where both man and woman can choose from many differing careers and crafts according to their ability.

Thus if we are lead by the men we discover that other than a few remarkable exceptions. We suffer much and accomplish little. We may even be destined to become Stickpickers.

So children by not being hot headed and considering that 'there is always another way'. We discover the best way. We know when to use violence and when to refuse orders. We discover Justice & Peace. Ernalda's greatest of all gifts.

Harnec write me an easy on the Sword and Shield War emphasising the folly of man. Having dealt with the punishment of Harnec Baba Rini considered how she should punish the other children for their tricking of the young boy. As the young man with the proper discipline would grow to a valued member of the community. Perhaps she should invite her niece Pelanda to take a few classes. For Pelanda is both beautiful and stern. She may serve not only as a punishment for the class but a distraction for an overly active young man. For as she had neglected to tell the class. Uleria gift is the most powerful of all.

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