Re: Humakt

From: jeff.kyer_at_...
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 01:53:19 -0000

> Thanks for the clarification, David. I think I remember reading in
> the Lightbringers' Quest that they found Humakt in Hell with Yelm.

All the gods went to their rightfully appointed places.

>From what I can read of Humakt's Hall, I think that it is in the
underworld. Of course, no one ever comes back from there. There is some mention of the place in the upcoming Thunder Rebels

> he wasn't resurrected, how did he get out? If he was resurrected,
> does he justify it? How did he get there in the first place? (don't
> tell me this is the result of losing to Yanafal; I know that's just
> Lunar propaganda)
> Reinier

Shargash. He's very, very unpleasant and very, _very_ powerful. Some say he was the last thing living though with Odayla and Elmal and Urox's survival of the greater Darkness its probably more hyperbole than otherwise.

Besides, is it not fitting that 'with strange eons, even Death may die?'


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