Re: Orlanth cares

From: jeff.kyer_at_...
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 01:48:40 -0000

No. Kin is only your personal clan at most. And usually, for the purposes of kinstrife, is your own bloodline -- the people you are related to by blood and marriage only.

> Sartarite to be "kin", in a sense, at least compared to some
invading Lunar,
> in which case wouldn't Orlanth care if you're a Lunar sympathizer?

If you offer sacrifice to him, he doens't care. The gods aren't really capable of free will, afterall.  

> In a clan raid situation, I could see saying "that clan is not our
> kin", justifying being able to attack them without kinstrife, but
that clan
> IS kin when it comes to picking sides between them and the Lunars,
isn't it?
> They're Heortlings too.

They are not _your_ kin. You're thinking like a nationalist here. Think clan or tribal. Until recently, most folks regarded the people from the next valley over as their dire enemies and anyone from farther away as 'not important'  


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