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Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 02:42:48 -0000

 Hmm. I wonder what the young prince would work like as a Hero
> Wars character?
> Naussica works well too.
> Jeff

The following are characters from several Miyazaki films as I see them in their Gloranthan incarnations.       

Nausicaa: Vingan weaponthane, Vanganth the flyer subcult

Ashikita: Weaponthane of some sort, not sure about the magic keyword

San: Telmori(obviously)

Lady Eboshi: Ernalda the Leader(Rally Women, Stare down Men!)

Yuppa: not sure. Looks like a Humakti in some ways and an Issaries in others

Shita:Ernaldan farmer

Asbel, Pazu and Tombo are all from God Forgot.

Kiki: Ok, my Gloranthan analogs are starting to break down on this one. Some very odd order in Safelster, maybe?

                                                 Mark Mohrfield

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