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> Surely he at least cares if you attack kin, right? Assuming so, how far
> "kin" extend? I mean, I could see considering my fellow storm-worshipping
> Sartarite to be "kin", in a sense, at least compared to some invading
> in which case wouldn't Orlanth care if you're a Lunar sympathizer?

I think most Heortlings regard violence as a neutral energy, best directed outwards beyond the clan, but of itself neither good nor bad. The *effects* of violence can be good or bad, but not the act/energy itself.

That something can be bad *of itself* is primarily a Solar/Lunar conceit, reflected in their law system and in their notions of sin and purity/taboo. The Orlanthi are pragmatic, though not without their blind spots.

If my thought is correct, then there's a direct parallel between the way Heortlings regard violence and Lunars regard Chaos - which means I'll be on the defensive next time we have a Lunar/Orlanthi debate.

Every Heortling stands at the centre of a great circle of kinship - the closer you are related to someone the more important they are to you, and the more *human* they are.

In the broadest terms, the distance from you to various groups increases according to the following:


  1. Kin by Blood (consaguineal kin, if you want to confuse people) - trust em, back em up in a fight, share everything. First comes your bloodline, then other bloodlines of your clan.
  2. Kin By Marriage - (affinal kin or affines) - marriage can create strong and lasting bonds, but it can also end suddenly and get you in all sorts of trouble. Respect these people, honour them, but don't forget they're *not quite like us*. Make a great effort to stay on good terms with them, if only for the sake of your sisters who live among them.
  3. Other clans of your tribe. Most other clans are trusted neighbours who will assist and cooperate, but there are always exceptions. Life is hard, and a bit of raiding is part of the way things are. A set-piece annual battle or niggling feud with another clan happens from time - it keeps us all alert and strong. Try not to kill or burn though - if two clans get to serious feuding its bad news for the entire tribe.
  4. Clans from Neighbouring Orlanthi Tribes. Most of the time they're not important, unless you intermarry with them. Most of them are Storm Tribe, but they're a bit strange, and don't know *all* the secrets of true worship like you do. Sartar united us together, but that doesn't mean you have to like them. Still, they respect Orlanth's Hospitality, so you should extend it to them. Raiding and feuding can get serious, and sometimes nasty. When it comes to cult matters, or help against broo or Uz, they can usually be trusted and become firm allies. Except for the ones who can't.
  5. Orlanthi Strangers. Its a big world: I once went three days into Tarsh and still didn't see the edge. If Orlanthi strangers turn up and know the greeting, offer them hospitality. If they stay, put them to work. If they turn out to be especially useful, you can always adopt or marry them in, or 'discover' previously unknown links of kinship.
  6. Four Ways & Other Furners. Rubbish -- raiders, thieves, enemies beyond kinship or law. One of the reasons Umath gave us FirstLaw. Fair game. Do as you will. Some of them might be human, but probably not.
  7. Chaos, Lunars, Goatkin. Pass the black arrow. Summon the fryd. Make sacrifice to the gods of war. "ORLANTHHHH!!!!!"

_______________FURTHEST Sartar brought the first ideas of Sartar as a nation rather than a collection of suspicious and hostile tribes. Now Kallyr is building on the same foundation. She has a *very* long way to go.

> Does eating a storm worshipper make an uz gassy?

Not if you eat an Ernaldan on the side.


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