The Footie analogy

From: richstella_at_...
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 14:29:49 EST

Interestingly the majority of the postings on football allegience as an analogy for Heortling clan attitudes arrived at the same time as an email from my father. He rejoices that Liverpool (our clan) beat Leeds (the old enemy clan from beyond the mountains) over the same weekend as Everton (the ancient rivals for the best hunting land in the valley) lost to Tranmere (the smaller allied clan in whom we take a kindly interest) and Manchester United (the chaos loving scum whom everybody hates) lost to West Ham (the southerners with their strange war chants and funny food but at least they aren't Mancs).

Of course when the Leeds clan face the evil foreigners of the Anderlecht Legion we will give them our full support. We would do the same for the Mancs when they face the Valencian Peltasts except that we have some very important clan ceremonies to attend to that day. What day is it? Well, whatever, we're busy that day.

Richard Crawley  

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