Re: Jillaro/Dara Happan cities

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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 13:45:34 -0000

The current Jillaro is actually the latest in a succession of Jillaros (the current one is Jillaro-of-the-Princes-Green). Jillaro is historically the center of Terarir, the stretch of the Oslir between Alkoth and (more or less) Mirin's Cross. The site of the current Jillaro was once the citadel of Bater. When Hwarin Dalthippa founded this Jillaro, she linked it both to the ancient land of Saird (through Hwarin's Well which provides a connection to the ancient well of Reladiva) and to the ancient Dara Happan city of Nivorah (through the horse connection of Reladiva).

It is a Lunar city and embraces both ancient Terarir constructs (the old citadel), Lunar features (the Daughter's Road starts there), and what might be termed Dara Happan Revival style (i.e. modern buildings done according to DH ideas). Its inhabitants are primarily the descendants of Terarin city-dwellers, urbanized Sylilan tribemen, and Lunar "refugees" (those Lunars who left the Empire with Hwarin).

Jillaro gets a lot of "tourists"/pilgrims. It is the center of worship for the Conquering Daughter and most members of that cult travel at some point in their lives along one of the Daughters Roads to visit the city, see the citadel/acropolis, and perhaps seek advice from the Oracle. Other Lunar or Sairdite worshippers also come for the Oracle, though this is a dangerous venture.

Jillaro is home to the Lunar Satrap/Sultan of Sylila--thus there is a whole bureaucracy, probably organized along DH lines, that resides here as well.


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