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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 00:16:24 -0000

Hi All,

Further to the discussion about Humakt(i):

Humakt is the god of Death, yes, but he is the God of Death in it's rightful place. Humakt's followers stand opposed to all wrongful death/perversions of death: secret murder, undeath, etc.
He is a god who went to great lengths to retake control of Death after his foolish brother Orlanth had stolen it and used it unwisely. Humakt is a god of *controlled* Death. In contrast to Zorak Zoran, whose (mis)use of Death is uncontrolled: "A sword wielded in anger falls in the wrong place". Or Vivamort, who has perverted and twisted Death.

I suspect this means that Humakti are less likely to kill than you might think. They take Death very seriously, and it is a power that they do not use frivolously. They will weigh up the decision to kill very carefully before they act: "Measure twice, cut once."
That said, once he decides to take out his sword, a Humakti will not hold back. EIther he's not fighting you at all, or he's trying to kill you. This makes them weird and frightening to most Orlanthi. They don't boast, they don't show off, they just kill you. They don't behave how everyone expects men and warriors "should"...

I can imagine really hard-core Humakti refusing to draw their sword at all, even to practice, unless they are going to kill.

Humakti do have a place within the social order, as exemplified by the Humakt the Champion myth. Kin-severed warrirors are a wonderful asset for a clan chief or tribal king. No messy family ties to worry them as they go about their duties... :)

So who's drawn to the cult of Humakt? Some ideas:

Traumatised individuals who have seen too much of Death already (the post traumatic stress disorder explanation).
The suicidal and disaffected.
Anyone who thinks they have failed their kin so badly that they must sever their ties and seek death.
Those who have no close kin. Fellow Humakti are a sort of family. Transgressors who have "seen the light" and wish to make amends for their former misdeeds (a possible path to redemption for former Gagarthi?). Mind you, that gives me a horrible vision of born again Humakti: "My name is Kestald, and I have accepted Death as my personal saviour".



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