Re: Humakti

From: jeff.kyer_at_...
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 03:32:23 -0000

A disciple, perhaps. But everyone has to practice.... I don't see the Humakti being so impractical. They are a hard-headded lot.  

> Humakti do have a place within the social order, as exemplified by
the Humakt
> the Champion myth. Kin-severed warrirors are a wonderful asset for a
clan chief
> or tribal king. No messy family ties to worry them as they go about
> duties... :)
> So who's drawn to the cult of Humakt? Some ideas:
> Traumatised individuals who have seen too much of Death already (the
> traumatic stress disorder explanation).
> The suicidal and disaffected.
> Anyone who thinks they have failed their kin so badly that they must
> their ties and seek death.
> Those who have no close kin. Fellow Humakti are a sort of family.
> Transgressors who have "seen the light" and wish to make amends for
> former misdeeds (a possible path to redemption for former
Gagarthi?). Mind you,
> that gives me a horrible vision of born again Humakti: "My name is
Kestald, and
> I have accepted Death as my personal saviour".

Ick. Double Plus Ick!


Um, Bruce... none of the folks listed are people I'd like to have as my Clan or Tribal Champion.

How about people who are called by the god. Who come to Humakt willingly, rather than being shoved through defects of character?


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