Re: Re: Humakti

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 09:51:37 -0500

Bruce Ferrie wrote:
> On Thursday, February 01, 2001 3:32 AM, jeff.kyer_at_...
> [SMTP:jeff.kyer_at_...] wrote:
> > >
> > > I can imagine really hard-core Humakti refusing to draw their sword
> > at all,
> > > even to practice, unless they are going to kill.
> >
> > A disciple, perhaps. But everyone has to practice.... I don't see the
> > Humakti being so impractical. They are a hard-headded lot.
> I only imagine a very tiny number doing this. It's a very extreme and, as
> Philipp said, cocky attitude. And I'l bet even the other Humakti think they're
> weird and/or stupid...
> > Um, Bruce... none of the folks listed are people I'd like to have as
> > my Clan or Tribal Champion.
> >
> > How about people who are called by the god. Who come to Humakt
> > willingly, rather than being shoved through defects of character?
> I'm sure there are plenty of Humakti who just felt drawn to his worship from as
> long as they could remember. The messed-up weirdoes can be more "fun", though.
> :)

True enough, but I do like to have a baseline worshipper, if only for my own convenience. I'll go with the Men With No Name and cold professional over some psychopath who really should be off giving his all with the Uroxi. But then, I've always liked Clint Eastwood.

John makes some good points but I am not sure I regard Humakt as a.. um...redeeming cult. But that's my own opinion. I may just be too much a practical old Finovani.


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