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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 09:46:01 -0500

Peter Metcalfe wrote:
> Martin Dick:
> >Me> I don't recall Sandy ever saying that Sartar was a Superhero. A
> > > pacifist hero, perhaps, but Sartar isn't the same calibre as JarEel
> > > or Harrek.
> Harmast isn't a superhero either and I have grave doubts about
> whether Sheng Seleris can properly be called a hero at all.

Until we have a 'master of the universe' category, super-hero will have to do for Sheng. He's the worst (and most powerful) mystic we've seen in quite some time in Glorantha.  

> I really have to doubt this. If Sartar was a superhero, then
> he would have a _much_ wider influence than the Quivini
> nation that he creates. Look at what Harrek gets up to.
> He visits almost every place on the lozenge.

...and kills them.

> JarEel has
> already done dramatic things from Eastpoint to the Red
> Lands to the Holy Country and there's heaps more to come.

...and kills them.

> Arkat lays waste to half the continent and is probably a
> second prophet of sorts in Safelster.

..and kills them.

Notice a trend in what gets you noticed as a superhero? Sartar didn't do 'noticable' things. I'm not sure if he's a superhero, myself. But he certainly is unusual. His roads are as good as the Conquoring Daughter Whom I Cannot Pronounce The Name Of and more extensive. Was she a superhero?
...she killed them, afterall.

> Harmast has done
> the Lightbringer quest twice which Sartar only has partially
> done. Sartar just quite simply isn't in their league.

...because he didn't kill them?


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