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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 11:40:12 +1300

Mark Mohrfield:

> >I really have to doubt this. If Sartar was a superhero, then
> >he would have a _much_ wider influence than the Quivini
> >nation that he creates. [...] Sartar just quite simply isn't
> >in [Harrek and JarEel's] league.

>I don't think this rules out the possibility that Sartar is a
>superhero (it doesn't prove that he is one either, of course) .
>Remember that some people are great heroes precisely because they
>choose NOT to use their power. George Washington comes to mind as a
>RW example, he chose not to become a monarch. Likewise Heortlings
>might regard Sartar as a superhero because he chose not to become a
>Dara Happan style emperor.

We are not talking about whether the Heortlings regard him as a superhero* but about whether he is _objectively_ one**. Secondly there are numerous Orlanthi that have forged sprawling barbarian kingdoms out of warlike tribes yet have not gone onto becoming Dara Happan style Emperors. Arim the Pauper founded a bigger kingdom than Sartar (and also became King of Dragon Pass) yet was not an Emperor. Hendreik founded the Hendreiki, Jofrain freed the tribes of Lankst. All Orlanthi know some hero of this kind and I can't see what makes Sartar stand out from the rest.

--Peter Metcalfe

*FWIW I, like Jeff R., don't believe in a Superhero rune but simply think that Harrek and JarEel are greater heroes.

**the crude criterion being whether he can hold a candle to Harrek and JarEel in terms of DP statistics.

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