Harrek similar to Conan

From: David Ford <diadochi_at_...>
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 14:11:27 +0000

>>PS Harrek is a hero in the same sense that Conan (another killing
>>machine) is a hero (or even Harald Hardrada, the landwaster).

I would have to heartily disagree.

Conan is a noble savage, a man of honour, passion, chivalry, and integrity, despite being a thief, pirate, brigand, mercenary, (and later a king). Despite being the greatest adventurer of the Hyborian Age, Conan has no magic powers, no superpowers,  no mortal worshippers, or bound god giving him powers, no ability to fight gods (not in the Gloranthan sense anyway), he can't heroquest. He far closer to being a normal person like you and me, than being similar to Harrek.

If Conan was transported to Glorantha he would probably not survive long, superb fighting skills, but zero magical/spiritiual/ whatever defences or attacks. Anyhow I am going off topic, the key point is Conan's personality is nothing like Harrek's.

I remember in early 1980 when my group was happily playing RuneQuest 2 (awesome game) that some of the players
reckoned that their Kyger Litor Rune Lords could kill Conan. While I disagreed with their opinions, I did think that any minor Gloranthan monster or hero, would make mince meat out of poor old Conan.

I think Greg said that Harrek is a demigod of destruction. I can imagine mothers using the name Harrek across the continents of Glorantha to frighten their children to be 'good' - other Harrek will get 'em. Hmm, I think someones said that before me, not sure now.


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