Re: Heroquest/Spiritquest/Essence Plane

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 09:21:34 -0800

> > but you get it from a mundane-world
> > essence (which is somehow an echo of the true essence in the
> > Essential World),
> If it is in the mundane world it is not in the essence world. Hmm, I
> may have to
> check on that. What does the book (which is not immediately handy here)
> about the spirits and entities living in the mundane world and heir
> to their Otherworlds?

They have a permanent physical body in the mundane world, thus this is their home. It says nothing about their connection to their Otherworld, because they don't really have one - a Spirit of a Berry Bush lives here, in its bush (unless it's so powerful that it is able to bi ot tri-locate in this world and the Other).

> > and as a result, it's weaker magic--just a CM
> > spell. Is that a reasonable possibility?
> With my caveats, Yes.

I'd dispute that a CM ability is inherently weaker than an equivalent from a being that lives in an Otherworld - It ain't the tool, it's how well you know it. You probably won't find CM that's as powerful as a secret, but a CM "Heal Cut" ability is just as powerful as a Theistic "Heal Cut" or a Sorcerous "Heal Cut" (Spirits depend on the strength of the spirit, not the magician so we'll leave them out of the equation) - assuming everyone is at the same level of effectiveness (same abiloity rating and either Augment-only or Active ability). The CM Heal Cut doesn't take any penalty or do any less healing just because it's mere Common Magic instead of a lofty Feat or Spell.

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