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From: Nick Eden <nick_at_...>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 18:27:48 +0000

Overall I have to say Thunder Rebels is what I've wanted for a long time. Hopefully it sets a standard that other Players Guides will be able to live up to.

A couple of things though remain as niggles: Everyone worships Orlanth through one of his sons. Not fully sure I understand this one. Seems a bit Catholic really - Our protecting Lord is unapproachable, but through his son/saint you amy petition for his intervention.

Have I got the wrong end of the stick?

How is this manifest in characters lives and activities? Does Erik Twosword, who used to think he worshiped Orlanth Adventurous say that he worships Destor, who followed Orlanth's example, or he worships Orlanth in the manner first discovered by Destor? Which is to say, is Destor himself worshipped as a deity, does he have myths of his own, or is he just the one that found a set of important rituals.

Next Question: Entertainers are a female profession? I find that surprising - the male Eurmal archetype always seemed a strong one. Anyone know why it's wrong?
Skald's on the other hand being male only makes perfect sense, though calling for a storyline about a woman called to be a poet.

Next question: Runes
I notice that the runes associated with some affinities, particularly to do with subcults of Ernalda the Healer seem a bit variable. For example EtH's Heal People and Heal Relationships affinities are both associated with the Harmony Rune. Belveren has Heal People feats associated with the Crossed Earth rune, as does Bevara. Enferalda has her Heal People feats back with Harmony.

Is this just a typo? If not, what's the significance?

Final question:
Where's the Thrall keyword? It seems to be the only one of the eighteen professions not given a keyword. While a Thrall may not be job for a Hero I am quite certain that a character could have risen from Thralldom to become a hero. Beat Pot Alwerin springs to mind, even if he is on the other side.

Is Carl Hiaassen shaking his head and saying "If I'd have written this, no-one would have beleived it?"

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