Thunder Rebels - review, anybody?

From: stefan.drawert_at_...
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 18:24:40 -0000

hy all,
seems the subject line helped to caught your attention...! I think I suggested the same thing when Hero Wars was released about a year ago, but there was little to no feedback, so I'll try again:

With Thunder Rebels arriving these days I believe it'd be great to have some reviews sent to various rpg sites (;gaming, etc...), to further promote the strenghts and qualities of Hero Wars and glorantha.
Two reasons restrain myself from doing this myself. the first, being of pratical nature, is that I won't have my copy of TR until march, when all the bizz about it will be done! the second is that I not used to express myself CLEAR & PROPER in english. and I think a review must be well-written to get people interested.
so maybe I got some of you folks interested, since all of us want HW to be a big success.
btw, reviews of "Glorantha" and "Anaxial's Roster" could be interesting, too.

hope I did not annoy anybody with that kind of OFF TOPIC post...


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