Re: Thunder Rebels

From: wulfc_at_...
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 10:44:16 -0000

> > Presumably in Dragon & George? Tom must have sold out in a day...
> >
> Static actually - it was before lunch, so Tom was probably still

Ahem... jo comment :) (and no argument either...)  

> Glasgow is definately fortunate to have two decent game shops.

Pretty damn quick delivery too, from warehouse in California to shop shelf in Glasgow in just 9 days.

> > > to have to wait for Storm Tribes before we get a playable female
> > > character.
> >
> > Ah, so someone agrees with me. Maybe it's a Scottish thing :)
> >
> I won't pass on my wife's comments - she was less than polite about
> lack of female characters. Storm Tribe should make up for it,

Yes, this was my point about the descrimination (is it 'descrimination' or 'discrimination'? I don't have a spell-checker here), not the realism or lack thereof, not the 'accuracy' to realworld  cultures, but the message it gives to present-day players - decent men are warriors, decent women are housewives (or steadwives, or whatever). Hardly going to improve the image to potential female players! And whatever options are in ST will just serve to remind everyone that these are the fringes of acceptable society, only just acceptable behaviour.


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