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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 14:08:50 -0000

Charles Corrigan wrote:
>> There is an inherent conflict between making a believable well
>> thought out coherent context, such as Thunder Rebels attempts for
>> the Sartarites (and, in my opinion anyway, succeeds), and
>>integrating our modern-day desires/requirements for an egalitarian
>>society (*).

Graham Robinson
> Fortunatly, this is not relevant.

TR is trying to portray mainstream Orlanthi society. IMHO that is something we always needed. TR is about a culture, both its heroic and its non-heroic aspects. As a *Dark Ages* culture, lacking technology or birth-control, women and men will tend to be pushed into certain roles by biology. Do not confuse the existence of gender roles with a negative view of those roles. The steadwife, the healer, these are honored professions. Ernalda is as valued as Orlanth. Women can own property, vote, divorce, and rule.

Don't forget there are non-heroic cults for men too, especially in Orlanth Allfather i.e. Durev the Householder, without them we cannot see the social structure of Orlanthi society.

Some women and men will step outside gender roles, but they are the exceptions. Given limitations of space I would rather have had the range of subcults that we have for Ernalda now, the baseline for the culture, than have dropped them in favour an exception like Vinga or Humakt.

Graham Robinson
>The point is that Thunder Rebels gives female characters the heady
>choice of housewife, medic, or
>prostitute. None of which are fun characters to play. No one

Reread p181 Heroic Options. Ambassador, chaos fighter, medic, supporter. Look at Enferalda the Supporter, Orventili the Peacemaker, Kadone the Lander, Kev the Visionary these subcults give female characters interesting options.

I must have missed the subcult for prostitute...

I suspect your objection is better phrased as no rules for female warrior characters. There can be interesting stories and roles for characters in stories who do not have combat skills, both male and female. But remember that you have the keywords for Humakt and Vinga in HW, so female warrior characters have not lost anything from TR.


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