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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 10:56:27 -0000

Ailrene HorseHater

A number of years ago Horsespawn attacked Ailrene's stead during the harvest. The men folk rushed to defend the buildings. Ailrene lled the other women and children and old folk to a stand of trees and waited. But the horsespawn had been after the women and children thinking they where easier to capture The old folk where easily ridden down but the women unhorsed a number of them with there grain flails (threshing) and finished them off
(butchery&#92;unmerciful to enemies). Aillrene herself picked up a
fallen lance and set it against the leaders charge. The leaders neck was snapped in the fall but his horse landed on her pinning on her to the ground . When she pulled herself from under the horse
(Strength) she found that other Horsespawn had snatched children
and rode away.
Ailrene left wih her husband and his brothers find her children. They where given hospitality in a Chieftains hall where kin strife was near, because goods where disappearing. She stepped in and calmed things (maintain peace in stead) before things came to bloodshed. When things where discussed she became sure that a merchant, who the chieftain had given protection too, had been stealing from them (Manage&#92;Run Household). Before leaving she prepared the food the Chieftain gave them so that it would keep for seasons (preserve food).
Once when they where starving and near a river she fashioned a net (weaving) and caught enough to keep them going. Her knowledge of herbs and roots (gardening) also kept them alive at other times.
During the journey her hatred for the horsespawn burned . When the brothers would turn back Ailrene kept them going (Encourage others). Eventually they reached the Horsespawn lands but they did know what clan had taken her kin. They hid from strong parties and ambushed loan horsespawn. she learned ways of quickly bringing down a horse. Once off the horse the spawn where easily overcome.
After a year of stalking through the horsespawn land a Vendref slave pointed them to a Horsespawn camp which had a number of Orlanthi children. They sneaked into the camp and found the tent the children where in. The children where frightened but she soothed them and led them from the tent (control children). But guards discovered them and in the ensuing fight her husband and all but one of the brothers was killed. Among the children was one of hers a girl Erissa. After their escape Airlene told the remaining brother to return to their lands and take the other children with him
(Avenge husband). She would stay until she found her other
children (Enduring).

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