Re: Heroes and Gods

From: TTrotsky_at_...
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 13:21:08 EDT


<< > Although their religion does make heavy use of philosophical
> concepts, so too did many Muslims and Christians (Ibn Rushd,
> Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas etc.).

 Thanks Peter and Jamie, but I stress, here, the Malkioni Otherworld: it is dead, full of concepts and essences and no living spiritual being.>>

    Some of the essences are just as alive as spirits or theist daimones - see, for example, the eskaval, kivis and monoceros in AR.

<< No angels, no cherubs, no spirits of the dead, just Node-saints.>>

    Node saints are spiritual beings, IMO.

<< The process of sanctification, in Malkioni, is a matter of personal growth, like in Buddhism, not a matter of "vocation" or of "obedience" or of "heroic adherence to the rule" or of "Extreme love". Am I wrong? >>

    I think you are. At least some Malkioni saints (though not all, I agree) did follow vocations and heroic rules, exhibit extreme love and so on, IMO. I would use examples from SK, but they haven't been approved yet, so its possible they could be wrong ;-).


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