Re: Heroes and Gods

From: janjero_at_...
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 13:37:42 -0000

> << The process of sanctification, in Malkioni, is a matter of
> growth, like in Buddhism, not a matter of "vocation" or
of "obedience" or of
> "heroic adherence to the rule" or of "Extreme love". Am I wrong? >>
> I think you are. At least some Malkioni saints (though not all,
I agree)

I am happy to be wrong, trust me :-)  

> did follow vocations and heroic rules, exhibit extreme love and so
on, IMO. I
> would use examples from SK, but they haven't been approved yet, so
> possible they could be wrong ;-).
> Trotsky

I suggest that maybe the Narrator Book is a bit misleading on this topic...


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