Re: Digest Number 45

From: Jeff <jeff.kyer_at_wq4POvJ0orMrPOjnHmxXS0gJKy2xknVB7mUc_EiLHi6vqGflmLjFfMPUzLIbj2CaZs>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 19:04:29 -0000

Remind me to send John a 'Roots Canada' t-shirt. I hear they were popular at the Olympics.

> I think once you can read and reply sensibly to a TI post, the
> non-euclidian geometries of Drowned R'yleh hold no fear for you.

That's why I use TT as an expendible cutout. NEVER let the guy with the gunz read the bookz.

Speaking of which, Sandy's gonig to run a Dorastor game at GC 8.  


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