RE: Re: Convention fundraisers

From: Quathia _ <quathia_at_ohZW4kiU6fTEH_pVuoSAUvW9U8pwL7tf27ANef4E3MNPZ053uszp-f9OBtI-opgg5QAX>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 03:55:34 +0200

> > If I remember correctly, Rob is actually quite a big lad.
>And really hacked off for not being the biggest Glorantha fan. That
>surely goes to Alex Ferguson.

no, Alex is probably the *tallest* Glorantha fan. To determine which one of you is biggest, we'd have to duck you under in a vat of water if I recall my elementary physics correctly.

Love, Tressy            

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