Re: Where is everybody?

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 08:57:35 -0500

Welcome, oh lurke! (grin)

Kevin Matheny wrote:
> From: Kevin Matheny <kmatheny_at_...>
> Another lurker chimes in...
> I've lost a short game (couldn't do the Orlanth and Aroka HQ to save my
> life), and had a promising start on a second when my HD went south. I've
> just started a new short game (and was quite pleased to learn here that I
> will be able to raid late in the year due to choosing Valind).

Yeah. I found out thanks to some kind person here that you CAN just 'take a few blows and defendd yourself' and that way your hero doesn't get permanently thrashed and maimed.


> I'm really interested in the general strategy tips, and I find the comments
> from David Dunham to be illuminating (or is that Illuminating?).
> I'm also interested in finding out two things about the rest of the list
> denizens: whether you knew about RQ/Glorantha prior to KoDP, and what other
> kinds of games you play (both computer and non-).
> My answers are yes (as indicated above), and, oh heck, I'll just list them:
> Computer games on the HD now (following a reinstall)

Mmmm. I'm a dyed in the wool Masters of Orion II and Master of Magic fan. I'm slogging through the morass of Might and Magic VII but I've stopped playing them in favor of KODP. Its just so damned changable.

> Role-playing games:
> Call of Cthulhu (currently playing)
> RuneQuest (currently reading Pavis and Big Rubble)
> Feng Shui (plotting a campaign to run)
> Champions (not playing right now... :sigh:)

Some playtest stuff (sigh, endless playtest stuff) Legend of the Five Rings (RPG & CCG)
7th Sea (RPG & CCG)

Oh, and writing for Murphy's World and L5R on the side.


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