RE: PDP and Clan Simulation Rules

From: Nick Hollingsworth <NickH_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 19:25:21 -0000

Me (#36):
> do you use similar mechanics to those in [KoDP]
> when running PenDragon Pass? I seem to recall talk of clan
> management and crop levels in old descriptions of the game.

Martin Crim (#36):
> There was a supplement that had economics rules, but IIRC they didn't work
> very well. Greg Stafford told me in private correspondence that they
> didn't plan to pursue that economic model any further, but that was -what-
> 12 years ago?

Well the KoDP ones work fine for me.

It would be great if Mr Dunham could release a version of the economics, clan mood and magic point models for use in a paper based game like RQ or HW.
I can see that that might be a spoiler for KoDP though.

Otherwise I guess I will have to try to work backwards from KoDP. But I dont feel confident that I will get the model right - after all if it was easy to second guess the model it would be a snip to manage a KoDP clan. And though I am enjoying the game I just don't have the free time to play it to death and grasp whats going on inside.

Kyer, Jeffrey {#36 again!):
> I don't know about the
> economics but I suspect that a lot of HW campaigns will be a suspiscious
> resemblance to a KODP Clan, despite the 300 year differential.

Thats certainly my plan - though I would still like to set it in Far Point.

A combination of KoDP style clan management with RQ/HW style adventures would be my perfect combination for a RPG. The main problem I had with RQ after years of play was that characters did not have to worry about the long term inplications of their actions because they had no kin and they moved from area to area a lot. The TotRM Greydog games and the Seattle Farmers games always sounded really good precisely because they did root everything in a greater whole.

Where can I find a good version of the PenDragon Pass rules? Does it matter which version of Pendragon I use with it?

I'm straying Off-Topic a bit. Hope people don't mind.

Nick H

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