RE: those wacky ring members/chaos

From: Fiorito, David <David.Fiorito_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 12:19:07 -0700

Here is another one for you.

My Lankhor My kept going out and killing the sons of the neighboring clan's leader. The first time I composed a poem in memory of the fallen sons, which appeased everyone. The LM said he had done it because we were getting soft and he wanted to start some trouble. So the next year I raided twice in Fire Season and twice in Storm Season. I even drove a neighbor who I was feuding with off of his tula. The very next year he does it AGAIN. This time I just piss off the clan leader whose sons were killed and a new feud starts. So I make peace ASAP because I already have two clans mad at me and I don't need a third. Then he goes and does it a third time. I don't want to outlaw him because my clan mood is a little shaky just then so I send him and a very small party off to explore Skyfall Lake where I feed him to Cragspider.

Its hard to imagine one old Lankhor My killing 9 young kids just because. Sheesh - what is the world coming to.



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