Re: mercenaries; magic; etc.

From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 09:49:23 -0800

Ernest Devore wrote

>Mercenary troops would be pretty nice... wish I had the option to pay
>another clan to raid for me. :)

You do have the option to get warriors from another clan. It costs the usual inter-clan coin: a favor.

Bryan Thexton asked

>When cattle raids get spotted, and a battle ensues,
>complete with death and wounds, does that get counted
>as a raid, or is it still too small?

My recollection is that a failed cattle raid is treated as a battle in virtually all respects (though clans may choose different tactics due to its smaller size).

I also recollect that all generic magic (i.e. not deity-specific) is weakened by not raiding on occasion (though I don't have time to look it up). Think of it this way: raiding is part of the ritual.

Darn, I forget exactly what 4x stands for, but it's a common mode of strategy game: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, or something like that.

BTW, this list does have a Digest option (which I recommend) -- you only see one ad per digest (unless someone's careless in editing their quotes).

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