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I WISH like hell that you could keep better track of what's going on in other tribes. I mean, that Narri tribe that just showed up pursued by agents of the Pharaoh and now they're struggling up from stickpickerness to become a thriving clan. They probably got a hell of a better saga than me... SIGH.. in fact, ol Milk-Eyes should be showing up any day now to reclaim the ten-year ring.

In theory, ALL the clans in Dragon Pass were uprooted from somewhere else. Some are pretty dang traditional. Others... well... let's say they play fast and loose with the rules. Those are typically the ones that interest me the most. Who likes the stuffy old guys that first awakened Lhankor Mhy?

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		I agree that the Orlanthi vary a lot (storm "all" means
85%), but some
		things are set in stone.  Eh, set in Aer?  What you are
talking about is
		a clan that doesn't have a strong sense of "ancestor".  That
seems to go
		against most every thing I've learned about the Orlanthi,
but I guess
		that is OK too.  IIRC there is a clan in the 1600s that
worships Argan
		Argar instead of Issaries, so why not be slack on strictly

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