RE: Sacrificing to Humakt/Orlanth

From: Devore, Ernest L <edevore_at_...>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 12:27:55 -0600

Depends on my goal. If I'm raiding for plunder and fighting a significantly weaker enemy... I skirmish if I have the appropriate blessings in place. I prefer to take captives (for ransom or thralls) only when I'm defending. Maneuver seems to support that a lot better. If I'm raiding a feuder, I charge in and try to kill as many as possible, to weaken them for the second raid in the season.

Basically I tailor it to the situation. Factors include:

Am I raiding to punish an enemy who has raided me? Am I raiding to weaken someone I'm feuding with? Is it just a cattle/goods/captives raid? If I'm defending, I always maneuver or skirmish. Often I can kill a ton of them without losing a single man.
Are my opponents human? If not, kill as many as possible to prevent them from coming back too soon.
Do my long term goals include making them pay tribute or driving them from their land?

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		Which leads to another question, which tactics work best?
Some posts on here
		have indicated that different things work better against

		I tend to do the same thing no matter who I'm fighting -
Manoeuvre (sp?) if
		I'm defending, Charge if I'm raiding, Evade if I'm caught on
a cattle raid,
		and Skirmish if I catch a cattle raid...

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