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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 14:01:45 -0600

On that note, I had ONE clown I was grooming to take over the clan when old Fanarl died. This guy had a decent leadership, pretty good combat, and even a decent custom. He was also young. I'm careful with this guy. No, you CAN'T go explore the tula today, buddy boy. You might get eaten by rubble runners or a chaos thingy. So what happens? In a raid at someone ELSE'S tula he gets challenged to single combat by one of the enemy thanes. Well dang, I wouldn't have even BROUGHT the kid if I'd had a choice... but now that's he's been challenged you can't just back down and expect the thanes to follow you when you lead the tribe, now can you?

So I accept the challenge and bright boy gets killed. I should have just saved all that time and trouble and made him a cottar. Then everyone would have been happy, including the sheep.

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		I always figure that to be a god-talker to a
		particular deity, you need to be able to relate to
		that deity, and you can't dictate personality.  I'd
		never be able to complete the appropriate sacred time
		rituals to Urox, for example, its just not in me.  

		Think of the cult affiliation as being a bit like an
		aptitude test--sure your family business would really
		benefit if one of the kids became an accountant, but
		if none of them have the aptitude for math and the
		attention to detail, what do you do?  Well, at least
		he's good at spinning a smooth line....we already have
		a lot of salesmen, but they'll retire one day and
		he'll be ready.

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