RE: when do I get the windlord?

From: Nils Brobakk <nils_at_...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 16:53:45 -0000

[stuff about windlords and other heroes...]

In my latest game, I kept raiding a neighboring clan (the bastards withdrew from my tribe!)

Sometimes, I'd get a battle event about one of their defenders being very steadfast, driving all my guys off with a shining radiance... So one of my heroes realizes he's doing an Elmali heroquest to help him defend, and I have the options of ignoring him, trying to stop him, etc. Once, I got told that I had enough magic to try and enter the godplane to fight him there. (I tried, but didn't manage to convince him that he wasn't Elmal.) I thought this was really cool - added a whole new dimension to battles (as it were). Anyone else have this kind of thing happen?


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