Re: Kallyr as HQer

From: Jane Williams <jane_at_...>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 18:52:49 -0000

> From: "Szu-Yu Wang" <sw30_at_...>

> I however, have never been able to complete a HQ with Kallyr. I've put
> her on the ring, and since she's heroic and renowed in several categories,
> she ought to do well, especially on the Orlanth quests, right? (Vingans
> are essentially Orlanths, no?) 7 different gods on the ring, Eurmal
> included, max sacrifice, typically 5-9 magic, and Kallyr has yet to
> succeed on ANY. Of course, if I reload and try someone else (even from
> outside of the ring) they succeed (sometime spectacularly.) Yes I admit
> it, I do reload, but only on HQs... (does that help to expiate my sins?)

Yes, I do that as well. But I never needed to with Kallyr. Checking back through the log...

Making of the Storm Tribe * 2
Orlanth & Aroka
Humakt the Champion
(A while after this she hit Heroic in Combat) And she's doing a nice job of Exploring Tarsh for me.

Yes, she's on the ring, in fact she's my warleader.

So maybe you just got unlucky. I take it you do have a Vingan shrine to back her up, don't you?

Jane Williams jane_at_...

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