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From: Jukka Koskelin <merten_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 23:40:22 +0200

>From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>

>I wonder why it has caught on in Finland so well?
>Perhaps it goes through a Finnish distributor who has
>worked hard at promoting it? Or could it be that the

 I suppose one of the reasons was the review Paavo was talking about - 94% is a _lot_, I barely remember five games getting that much in the past few years. And the review itself was good - written by a veteran RQ-gamer.

 Which brings me to another point; we have quite a few RQ-players around here. I suppose quite a few of them bought the game.

 The third reason is that only one shop (a roleplaying game store, not a specialized computer game store) had the game when the review was out, and the game was sold out in matter of days after that. I can only imagine the pressure that the game shops that didn't have the game, got.

(At this point me and my friends got fed up, and we ordered three copies directly from A-sharp)

 They have the game now, every single one of them.

 The last, but the least, reason is that Finns do like quality games and when something like KODP hits the stores, it sells like... Like... Like KODP did. <grin>

>brave band of farmers clearing a space in the wood,
>threatened by larger,stronger, neigbours on all sides
>just reads so much like Finnish history? (not trying
>to say Swedes look like beast folk or anything....)

 Possible. The Swedes have always had everything without having to sweat their pants out...

 Uh oh, I think I'll just duck for cover, now. ;)

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