Re: Glad they didn't decide to *curse* me...

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 16:18:29 -0500

> --- Martin Crim <mcrim_at_...> wrote:

> > At 03:12 PM 03/14/2000 -0500, KYER, JEFFREY wrote:
> > >> Here's one for "Murphy's Rules":
> > >Yeah... Its annoying. For that situation, you
> > have to send in a leader
> > >who's good with MAGIC as well as combat.
> >
> > Is Renowned good enough?

Hmmm. You said your guy had a renowned combat, nothing about magic. I've lost folks with Very Good magic on this one. I tend to give a lot of gifts though -- and having a Ancestor Shrine up tends to protect against hostile spirits. Its not very useful but when it is, its very useful.

> > My clan magic was high, about 8.

Hmmm. That's pretty good. Could be just bad luck.

I don't seem to be having the kind of problems you are when I play, though. Could be a playing style thing? I don't know.

> > Is my bad luck possibly due to a curse? I did a
> > Divination, and it only
> > said that the fox spirits were "miffed." (Why
> > they're miffed, I don't

Miffed. Good word. Could be that they were not very happy with you to start with? Got a lot of hunters? That might annoy them? Got a shrine to Odayla? That might at least make them happier. Not sure how to appease them, myself.

> > know, since I granted them all their demands.) The
> > game seems set to hose
> > me at every opportunity and the fun is rapidly
> > draining away. This is the

I'm very surprised you have having this level of difficulty on Average. In fact, I'm quite surprised. I never found this level of troubel in my games except on hard.

> > first game I've run on Average difficulty, having
> > found Easy too easy, but
> > if it continues in this vein I'll be finding
> > something else to do with my
> > limited free time.
> >
> > Or the one haunting
> > >the stead?
> >
> > The stead.

Good. He's only helpful about 1 in 3 times.

> > >I think he may just keep taking sheep each year,
> > but you will
> > >notice he does repay your sacrifices with a gift --
> > check your Sacred
> > >Time for details.

> > how much are the gifts worth?
> >
> > --M

He gives you an extra point of magic each year he likes you. After a few years he stops responding and your priests stop the sacrifices. A bargain's a bargain, afterall. Not bad for a few sheep. He may not take 10 sheep each year, btw. I seem to recall him taking only 1 after the first year.

I've never had the Fox spirits 'miffed' (neat word) Perhaps Dave has some helpful advice as this is outside my experience.


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