Re: the Violence Option

From: Szu-Yu Wang <sw30_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 10:47:43 EST

>From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
>After the first few years, with a balanced clan, I
>find I can make the net raiding equation work in my
>favor. The key ingredients are:


My last game (at average) was done with just that, with spectacular results. NO losses due to raiding/defending for a span of several years, tributes year after year. I find that if you exact a high tribute, the tributees (is that a word?) tend to break it earlier. Of course, the downside is that when I attempted to form a tribe, they wanted more, and was more difficult to convince. (not that I had all that many neighbors left, mind you.) It took me 2 attempts to get it.

>Now, none of these help you when you are attacking,
>but if you get your defenses built up, then the
>counter-raids become more annoying than deadly. Of
>course, you will still have to spend a lot of time
>recruiting new thanes and farmers (although shield and
>woad will help here, too). If you intend to make a
>living out of raiding you will need all sorts of other
>military blessings and treasures too, of course.

That amber treasure and the thunderstones combined with skirmish worked wonders. (Shield, woad, steadfast were also some of the earliest stuff I go after (after Cure and Heal.))


>lucrative, I don't know. Of course, if they are in
>tribe, you probably want to make extra nice to the
>rest of that tribe at the same time.

speaking of tribes, I've never been able to get a TRIBE to attack a clan. do tribes deal only with tribal politics, and not clans?


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