The Fire Quartz Must Pay for What They Did to Poor Voballa

From: Martin Crim <mcrim_at_...>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 18:30:18 -0500

Somewhat spoilerish. You have been warned.

The chronicle reads:


The girl Voballa, adopted from our clan by the Fire Quartz, told us that she wanted to come back to our clan. She turned out simple, not at all great hero of the Knowing God the Fire Quartz thought they had adopted. We demanded the right to adopt her back again. They refused to release her. "The stories are full of people who start out weak, but become heroes after undergoing great ordeals. We need merely to find the right ordeal."


Shortly thereafter, we heard that Voballa drowned in a Fire Quartz ordeal. The people are upset (well, actually, I the player am upset) because of horror at the atrocious cruelty of the Fire Quartzes and guilt at having sold Voballa as if she were a thrall, back when she was a baby, in exchange for a few magic points. I wish I had the option to go to their tula and tell them I will be killing as many of their people as possible and it won't be secret murder because I've forewarned them; you know, the way that other clans sometimes do for a real or imagined slight. So I think I'll attack repeatedly, killing as many as possible, then burning their steads, then tearing down their fortifications, until they are all dead. I can't take their land, as they're too far away. I can, though, send curses upon them, and I will. If I fail to become king of Dragon Pass, then that will be the final tragic outcome of this tragic episode.

The Fire Quartz clan must be destroyed.


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