Re: future plans

From: Richard Franey <rick_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 16:59:38 -0000

I'd like to see a broader version of KoDP (ducks, trolls, praxians - or a mix of any clans available. Even broos and scorpionmen!

It might be a bit like the RQ2 adventuring party though. Morocanths, ducks and a clan of intelligent illuminated gorp anyone?

On a different matter - can you produce a CD fix so that it doesn't access constantly? I've tried the unofficial fix, but it doesn't seem to work on my machine. My noisy CD is driving me crazy!

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Subject: future plans

> From: Douglas Seay <dms+KoDP_at_...>
> Howdy folks with inside info,
> Now that KoDP has won an award, and seems to be well received, are there
> any future plans? There has been banter here about multi-player and
> what that means, different cultures (troll, praxian, duck, dawn age),
> and "wish list" stuff. Is A# to the point where it can plan for future
> Glorantha products? If it isn't a corporate secret, have they broken
> even on KoDP yet? If not, does it look like they will? I'd imagine
> that red ink would be a serious show stopper for new products.
> While I guess David D. would be the only person here who could answer
> this with authority, I'm all for rumors when I can't get hard facts.
> - doug
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