Re: Tip: how to get a trickster

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 16:36:41 -0500

Bryan Thexton wrote:
> Odd clans are fun! Challenging, sometimes, but fun. I find once you
> survive to the tribe stage, assuming you also have a trickster, that
> with three points of magic in quests, having the right cult for a
> heroquest becomes less critical. Mind you, getting that first
> "Making of the Storm Tribe" done for the clan making blessing must
> have been a challenge.

It was painful. I lost a very good Stormbull the first time out. I try not to use re-saved games.  

> The one cult I actually find it hardest to live without is Lhankor
> My, but I'd agree that Issaries is second. I've been doing without

That greedy guts greylord! Yes, he's very hard to live without. Fortunately, I have one.

> either of them for over a decade in one game, and while I admit it
> makes sacred time rituals easier to decide on, having no more than
> one point of diplomacy, mysteries, and trade is rather limiting. We
> feel so socially stupid! (Especially since our "best" emissary is a
> 21 year old Ernaldan with "very good" bargaining). I can just see us
> in a few years "Yeah, you should, like, make a kingdom with us 'cause
> you ain't got nothing better to do and we're like so much cooler than
> you anyways, OK?"
> --Bryan

(Uroxi in snap-down fedora cracks knuckles)

Youse gonnna be in a tribe wit us, right? Otherwise, weez not not goona proteck yah, capish?

At least, that's the way MY tribe works. we may not be big on Orlanthi Virtues, but *god God* look at all those Humakti and Stormbulls. Youwouldn't want my boyz to be unhappy with you, right?

Jeff "Goddi-Father" Kyer

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