Re: bugs and wishes

From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 11:01:56 -0700

> * I cannot get some ring member's statistics by double-clicking on
> their picture. Instead, I just get their word balloon.
> Consistently, at least 2 out of 7 fail.

It may depend on where you're clicking -- be sure it's the picture, not where the advice will appear.

> * The sliders act like PC-sliders, not Mac-sliders. To reproduce,
> click on a ring, and slide diagonally, rather than horizontally. The
> ring moves a bit, then zips back to the starting place when you get
> to far above or below the slider. Since there is no way to duplicate
> this via keyboard commands, it is very hard on those of us with sore
> mouse-hands.

The alternate way to set values is to click and hold to the left or right of the slider.

> * Related to the slider bug, above -- if I click on a spot in the
> middle of the slider, I want the ring to jump to there, dammit!

That would break the current behavior of making small adjustments by clicking to the left or right of the slider.

> * I want to be able to double-click (or single-click, maybe) on a
> clan name in the map, and select it. This should work in both the
> Relations and Trade sub-maps.

Looks like it works to me (keep in mind that sometimes the list won't show a clan you click on, if it's been filtered).

> * I don't know whether this is a bug or a feature. I almost created
> a clan that was not geographically contiguous. I was feuding with
> the Turtle clan, way south of me. An event had a "Make peace with a
> feuding clan", and next I had a choice of "Ask to join in forming a
> tribe." Would have gotten away with it, except those stupid potters
> insisted everyone use their jars instead of sensible baskets.

It's OK to be discontiguous.

> * There should be a checkbox that does what the "m" key does on the
> Map screen -- same as there is one for tribes.
> * I have no idea what the different colors mean when I select the "m"
> key. Is this a documentation problem?

Yes, since "m" is undocumented :-)

This is sort of a debugging feature we left in, and the colors relate to something that's not really implemented.

> * Some indication needs be made as to whether what you've done on a
> screen will cause an "action" or not. For example, telling those %_at_!
> #$% WAW(1) weaponthanes to get back on patrol does not take an
> action. Switching your shrine to Varya from wyrdwomen to pathfinder
> does.

Switching blessings wasn't supposed to count as an action...

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