Bugs, Suggestions, and Questions

From: Kaj Sotala <Tspro_at_...>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 19:05:36 +0300

I was playing KoDP today when I came up with a number of suggestions to make it better...

Bugs/Dumb Features

  1. Ringmembers killed in battle wont show up in the post-battle casualty report.
  2. In the 'we have too many weaponthanes' event, selecting the 'give gifts to the complainers' option doesnt change the number of goods/cattle/anything the clan has.
  3. The game is buggy when determining what is your tula. Several times I have captured area from another clan and when sending men to explore it (using the 'M' key to see my tula) the game has considered it not to be in my tula (it has even thought my tula is a part of the Dragonnewt Wilderlands!).
  4. There have been several instances where 'ghost' temples have appeared in the Sacred Time screen, outside the forest. These temples wont give me anything ('Temple to Urox the Storm Bull. Provides .'), but will still show up in the Sacred Time screen. A save game about this is available.


  1. In some event (I dont remember which) a ringmember says "send at least ten footmen to explore..." Does the number of explorers have any other effect than the chances of survival?
  2. I have seen one noble who resembles Obi-Wan Kenobi, and another who resembles Princess Leia. Is this intentional?


  1. We want the ability to see the effects of our attacks against another clan better! In my current game, I hate the Rakstanti, and after they moved their tula, I've sent both Malia and Maran Gor to curse them. Expect for a short notice that they were suffering, I havent seen any effect on the gameplay.
  2. Please, let us rename our ringmembers...
  3. How about creating a ringmember in the beginning of the game to represent the player? You could choose his portrait, gender, god, and edit the values (with some limitations of course, such as no character can start with Heroic and you only have a certain number of 'skill pool' to distribute).
  4. The food supply. Cant we get the game to automatically clear enough land for the food we need?
  5. As a similiar request, can we get the weaponthanes that have been on missions to automatically return to patrol duty?
  6. The Curing/Healing blessings dont seem to be very effective (when gained from a shrine/temple, I mean). Can we get an option "sacrifice yearly X goods to heal our people"?
  7. Make it so that people will spread tales of our battle luck. For example, if we keep defeating all attackers without any losses, that should certainly scare off any other possible attackers.

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