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From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 08:25:08 -0700 (PDT)

one correction from the copy that I may have just sent off....
--- David Short <David.short_at_...> wrote:
> Lots to respond to,

Lots to reply to, too!

**** > >cattle raids tend to have a higher risk/pay-off
> ratio

This should have read "higher pay-off / risk ratio" i.e. cattle raids are generally a better bet.

> >I think, but that is just my opinion.
> Cattle Raids certainly have a higher pay-off. I
> don't see
> the risk.

The risk is that you get caught, and your half dozen or so weaponthanes and same number of carls end up facing a dozen weaponthanes and thirty carls, and end up getting turned into salami. Also note that cattle raids do hurt the other clans attitude towards you--not as badly as a full raid, but it is still a cost you have to keep in mind.
> >A few last tips:
> >- You sometimes can raid during sea or earth
> season, <snip>
> Hadn't thought of that. Pretty sneaky. Cool tip.
Mostly this comes up if in Storm or Fire you fought another clan and caused massive deaths and wounds and you want to jump all over them before they can fully heal and/or recruit more muscle. A good way to steal part of their tula. Of course, sometimes the farmers refuse to cooperate.

> > wait, and try not to
> >screw up.
> I've had games where this period was very short and
> then games where it went on, and on. Not sure what
> the difference is.

Hmmm, I'd love input from anyone else on this--do you see any common factors in games where the end came on quickly?

<subject: ring rejuvanation>
> hmmmm. I tend to just punt that generation and
> replace
> them wholesale.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Usually I have a couple ring members who are too valuable to replace (they have heroic, the next best is excellent, or whatever), and one or two that are the only cult representatives that I have for (Issaries/ Lhankor My/ Uralda/ Odayla) so I tend to prefer slow evolution of the ring.....but I can see, somewhere in the early tribal years, the fast turn-over being useful, to build up the new generation so you don't run out of good leaders right when the end is starting. I'll keep that in mind for next game.

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