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Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 09:35:58 -0400

> I used to be in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms). Every year in
> August they have a war, the Pennsic War, between the Eastern kingdom and
> its allies, and the Middle Kingdom and its allies. The loser gets
> Pittsburgh for the year (it's a long story).

Yes, its long and sordid! (chuckle)  

> we'd seen, but we did see an awful lot. Three hundred people could indeed
> be very, very quiet if they're quite disciplined about it, though more
> often than not they were less than quiet and gave their positions
> away. And this was in a very confined area, probably no more than three or
> five square miles, where people are looking for action. As Bryan says,
> multiply that by dozens or hundreds of miles, and it's very easy to imagine it.

This is also my experience. When I was younger, thinner and hotter blooded, I was in the Canadian Armed Forces. The Gray and Simcoe Foresters is a reconnaissance unit. Lets just say its amazing -- and disturbing how easy it is to get past a poorly or casually patrolled perimeter even if they are expecting you.

If they are not, then its very easy to get in and out without too much trouble. The only advantage of the Orlanthi is those wonderful little border markers -- those define the extent of the tula and are also somewhat of a warning system for the Clan wyter (big, ugly spirit dude who's sort of the 'essence of the community') -- sometimes Clan Ring members get interesting dreams and set off to visit the border...

...somehow they knew we were coming and met us at the border of their tula.

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