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Once while on a military training exercise I was in the role of aggressor and a small troop of us were coming the woods for 'enemy infiltrators'. We came across three of them who had worked together to design what looked suspiciously like a sickly pine tree. They stood inside and holding branches up above their heads to apparently mimic what nature had created. While they were certain their disguise would fool us, we calmly went and sat down in front of the tree and opened up our lunches to have a nice leisurely picnic...

For 3 hours we held that tree captive in the blazing sun while we sat in the shade and finished our lunches, played a little frisbee, and even took turns napping. After that I walked over to the tree and asked if it was ready to surrender yet.

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This is also my experience. When I was younger, thinner and hotter blooded, I was in the Canadian Armed Forces. The Gray and Simcoe Foresters is a reconnaissance unit. Lets just say its amazing -- and disturbing how easy it is to get past a poorly or casually patrolled perimeter even if they are expecting you.

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