KoDP 1.4 Bugs?

From: Christian Beijner <d88-cbr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 11:55:57 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi all. Amazing that this list took off again 2 days after I started playing KoDP again.
While playing I found 3 bugs, or what I think are bugs.

  1. No warning if save fails. I ran out of disk space while playing and the game wrote O K files, no warning.
  2. Crashed while saving. The game would save the game, then silently crash to Finder. Could restart the game, restore and continue playing, annoying but it was possible to play and save that way. After playing some more years this stopped. Restarting the computer and increasing memory did not help.
  3. More treasures bonus. "ISsaries will reward us if we have more treasures in 2 years." Usually this kind of event will result in a success/fail dialog, ie "Orlanth was happy we visited Kero Fin and have rewarded us" But not this one.

Still fun to play, and the only computer game I play with background music.

P.S. I always figured the Lankhor My quest was the easiest.

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