kallyr's story...

From: guy jobbins <gej865_at_...>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 21:15:14 -0000

so hello

i'm on my second game where kallyr has survived long enough to be interesting, but one thing puzzles me. the first time round, shortly after she came back from being trained by a vingan devotee, she got whisked off by the dragonnewts for some freaky stuff that she never felt happy telling the rest of us about. shortly after that the clan chief successfully completed the rituals and became king of dragon pass, so i never found out what happened to kallyr.

this time around, rien, nada, m'kanesh, in fact bugger all. kallyr, now well into her thirties, sits around mumbling vaguely about her destiny, which most of us, frankly, are beginning to think is an excuse for us to send her off every year on expensive explorations so she can do some sightseeing. my theory is that this is all because we have annoyed the 'newts by not giving back the dragonnewt armor, so they aren't keen on helping our clan member achieve her 'destiny', and that this is a vital stage in her story development.

does anyone have any ideas about how to kick-start kallyr's ascendancy to the stars? i am anxious to witness her visit to kitori, of which i have heard the prophecies speak. any solutions would ideally _not_ involve giving the newt back his armor, as the guy who wore it died yonks back and seems to have been buried in it.


this is the first time i have refused to hand over the armor, and i only did so because the newts had just decimated one of my exploration parties. won't be doing that again...



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