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From: Jeff Kyer <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 00:11:37 -0000

Greetings All!

As always, I apologize for interrupting your normal discussions.

In the last week, Issaries, Inc. has been discussing the possibility of
holding a Gloranthacon 2001 piggybacked with Dundracon, the oldest and largest gaming convention in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although we realize that holding Gloranthacon concurrent with a larger con is not an
ideal situation, having it so close to our home base gives us many advantages, including most of the original Chaosium Runequest campaign members as special guests.

But, before we can make a commitment to Dundracon, and they to us, we need to know whether or not it is worth our time and theirs to make these
arrangements. What we need to know is how many people would attend such a
convention solely because of the Gloranthan events that would be held.

So, how many of you _would_ attend Gloranthacon in such a venue? You don't need to make a commitment now, just give us an idea of whether or
not you would be willing to travel to the San Francisco area to attend the convention, and whether or not you would be likely to take a room at
the hotel. Once we know that enough people are interested, we can move forward with our arrangements with the Dundracon committee. Dundracon is
held over President's Day weekend (February) in San Ramon, California (about 15 miles east of Oakland).

Please respond to:


if you are interested. If you expect to attend Dundracon anyway, but would register as a Gloranthacon attendee, please let me know this in your response. And if you know people who would be interested, but are not on one of the main lists (Glorantha Digest, Hero Wars lists, Gloranthaboard, King of Dragon Pass list), please forward this message

Thank you all for your time,

Stephen Martin

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